The LIT Image - Light in Transition... 


LIT - What's in a name. Light of course, because light is the essence of photography. It is the intersection of light and shadow, color and texture, working together that enhance the visual experience and creates the emotional impact of a photograph. 

But why transition? Two reasons I suppose. Time is fleeting, everything is constantly changing into something else.  The subject of a photograph, by its very nature is ephemeral. Blink and the moment has passed. Every press of the shutter is a captured fraction of a second of time, photons frozen in digital amber. 

The second reason has to do with why we  hire a photographer at all. A wedding, a birthday, a graduation, our children growing faster today than we recall from yesterday.  These are the inflection points in our lives, the transitions and memories we all want to preserve. Hiring a photographer allows you to live in those moments not only years later, but as they happen without a screen between you and the action. Photography allows me to preserve those moments and tell those stories for my clients.

These are the elements that make up the LIT image. 

Orion is a portrait and event photographer based out of San Diego California. He loves to travel, he's climbed the summit of Kilimanjaro, swam with sharks off the coast of Palau, hiked the great wall in China at sunrise, and once he drove a rental car round trip with his wife from Barcelona to Paris with out scratching it. He's also a new father to an absolutely brilliant, charming, beautiful baby girl (totally unbiased opinion), so when he isn't taking pictures, he's changing diapers. 

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